The Millican Ogden Community Association has been circulating the "MOCA Motion" newsletter to 4800 homes and businesses in their communities since March 2010.,

_MOCA: MOCA Motion

Published monthly throughout the year (except August), the "MOCA Motion" is delivered by Canada Post to 4800 homes and businesses in Lynnwood, Millican, Ogden, and Southhill. 

  • Local community content
  • Association news and events
  • Community based business advertising
  • Local and regional clubs and sporting associations
  • Games and activities for adults and kids
  • Classified ads
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MOCA Motion - Available Advertising Sizes
Discounts available for multiple editions
B&W: 1/2 (h) Width: 6.5”
Height: 3.8”
B&W: 1/2 (v) Width: 3.0"
Height: 7.75"
B&W: 1/4 (h) Width: 6.5"
Height: 1.85"
B&W: 1/4 (v) Width: 3.0"
Height: 3.80"
B&W: 1/8 (h) Width:3.0"
Height: 1.75"
B&W: 1/8 (v) Width: 1.75"
Height: 3.0"
B&W: Display Cube Width: 2.0"
B&W: Full Width: 6.5"
Color: 1/2 (h) Width: 6.5”
Height: 3.8”
Color: 1/2 (v) Width: 3.0"
Height: 7.75"
Color: 1/4 (h) Width: 6.5"
Height: 1.85"
Color: 1/4 (v) Width: 3.0"
Height: 3.80"
Color: 1/8 (h) Width:3.0"
Height: 1.75"
Color: 1/8 (v) Width: 1.75"
Height: 3.0"
Color: Display Cube Width: 2.0"
Height: 2.0"
Color: Front Banner Width: 8.0"
Height: 1.5"
Color: Full Width: 6.5"
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Did you know…
  • There is absolutely NO COST to the Community Associations we serve to publish their newsletter.  Mind’s Design absorbs all the printing and delivery costs. 
  • Mind’s Design Studio gives a percentage of the profit made each month to our community associations.
  • Our official community newsletters go directly to your target market!  This is because our newsletters are supported by both the residents and the community associations we serve.
  • There is an average of 2.5 persons per household that will read their official newsletter.
  • Official newsletters have a long life!  They remain in households for up to 6 months – many residents even collect them.
  • These days, businesses must be seen and heard by a potential customer at least 7 to 14 times before they “Think of YOU!” Our newsletters are one of many key mediums to utilize to advertise your business!
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